[APR-19] "ELZ_1 play" UPDATE #27 Regarding shipment status

[APR-19] "ELZ_1 play" UPDATE #27 Regarding shipment status

Regarding the status of shipments

Thank you very much for your support.

We have started the inspection and shipping of the 30 units that arrived at our Japan headquarters from the Malaysian factory.

This week's production volume at the Malaysian factory was shown below.

QC inspection (this week): 30 units completed

The 30 units that have completed QC inspection at the Malaysia factory have already been shipped to the Japan headquarters.
As soon as they arrive next week, they will be inspected at the head office in Japan and shipped out.

In last week's Blog, I reported a plan to speed up the inspection process by temporarily moving the assembly man-hours to support QC inspections. However, since there were a few units inspected in Japan that did not pass our standards, the plan has been changed to have the person in charge of manufacturing (our vice president) go to the Malaysian factory again to provide direct on-site guidance and optimize the inspection process.

We are currently making arrangements for the date of the trip, but it is scheduled from May 6 after the GW (Japanese holiday season).

Until the on-site training, the QC inspection system will remain unchanged at around 30 units per week, and the assembly workers have started what they can do now (e.g., manufacturing substrates for the next production).


I will report any changes on this blog as necessary.


We will proceed with production as quickly as possible, but there may be changes to the schedule depending on the situation.

Thank you for your continued support.

 Yu Endo

















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