[DEC-22] "ELZ_1 play" UPDATE #13 Assembly and inspection have begun.

[DEC-22] "ELZ_1 play" UPDATE #13 Assembly and inspection have begun.

Topics of the Week

<About hardware>

At our factory in Malaysia, we are currently assembling SMT electronic parts and wiring for First Batch.

This week, our director went to the Malaysian factory to provide assembly instruction and inspection/inspection instruction.

Today, we are starting the assembly into the case and inspections.


< About software >

Firmware testing and debugging has been completed.

The Japanese manual has been completed and is currently being translated into English.

Andrew Black, our sound designer, has posted a demo video of some of the preset patches he created on Instagram.

Please check here :-) 


Future schedule

Week of December 25 PCBs are assembled into cases and inspected.
(We are currently working out whether we will be able to ship completed units to Japan during this week, as the factory will only be in operation for two days.)

Week of January 1: PCBs continue to be assembled into cases and inspected. The completed units will then be shipped to SONICWARE headquarters in Japan.

Week of January 8 Arrived units are inspected in Japan. After inspection, shipping begins.


We will proceed with development as fast as possible, but the schedule may change depending on the development status.

Thank you,

Yu Endo











サウンドデザイナーのAndrew Blackが、彼の制作したプリセットパッチの一部のデモビデオをInstagramにUpしておりますのでぜひご覧ください。




12月25日の週 ケースへの組み込みと検査(工場の実働が2日しかないため、この週に日本まで発送できるか現在調整中です)

1月1日の週 ケースへの組み込みと検査、日本へ発送

1月8日の週 日本で検品し出荷






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