"ELZ_1 play" UPDATE #1

"ELZ_1 play" UPDATE #1

Current development status and future schedule

Thank you for supporting the ELZ_1 play project.

I have opened this UPDATE BLOG to keep you informed of the development status of ELZ_1 play.
From now on, I will regularly report the development status and future schedule of ELZ_1 play on this "ELZ_1 play" Update Blog.

First of all, I must apologize for the one-month delay in the production schedule for the first batch. I’m very sorry for the delay.  The details of the development status are as follows.


Software Development Status

Almost all functions have been implemented.
We are planning to brush up the UI and install graphics for the newly installed engine, which is progressing as planned.


Hardware Development Status

We have conducted FCC/CE certification testing several times at the certification site using hardware with all functions implemented, but unfortunately, we have not achieved the required target values at this time.
We are currently designing a board that incorporates countermeasures for the currently identified problems, and we are planning the following schedule for the future.

September 11: Design of FCC/CE countermeasure boards to be completed. Start of prototype production of countermeasure boards (10 sets).

Week of September 25: Manufacturing of FCC/CE countermeasure boards to be completed at a factory in Malaysia (10 sets of prototypes). We will check the prototype boards at the Malaysian factory and if there are no problems, we will immediately bring them back to Japan.

Week of October 2: FCC/CE certification test will be conducted at the certification site in Japan.


Mass production schedule and shipping schedule if FCC/CE certification test is passed

Week of October 2: 1st batch will be ordered, manufacturing begins.

Week of October 23: Start of manufacturing 1st batch, inspection conducted

Shipment to begin sequentially from November


I will clarify the future schedule again after the FCC/CE certification test scheduled to be conducted in early October.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those who are waiting for the product.

In addition, I have decided to add a new synth engine called "Super OSC" to the product to take advantage of the time created by the hardware development delay (details of this engine will be announced later).

I would appreciate your understanding and continued support.
Thank you very much for your continued support.

Yu Endo / SONICWAE Inc.





ELZ_1 playプロジェクトをご支援いただきまして誠に有難うございます。

ご支援くださった皆様に開発状況を逐次お知らせするために、このUPDATE BLOGを開設いたしました。
今後、ELZ_1 playの開発状況および今後のスケジュールにつきましては、定期的に本"ELZ_1 play" Update Blogにてご報告して参ります。







9月11日 FCC/CE対策基板の設計完了。対策基板の試作製造開始(10セット)

9月25日の週 マレーシアの工場にてFCC/CE対策基板の製造完了(試作10セット)。製造完了次第、日本へハンドキャリーする。

10月2日の週 日本の認証サイトにて、FCC/CE認証試験を実施。


10月2日の週 1stロット発注、製造開始

10月23日の週 1stロットの製造開始、検査実施



尚、ハードウェア開発の遅延により生じる期間を活用し、『Super OSC』という新しいシンセエンジンを追加搭載させていただくことにいたしました(本エンジンの詳細につきましては、後日ご案内申し上げます)。

何卒 ご理解の上、引き続きご支援いただけましたら有難く存じます。

ソニックウェア 遠藤


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