"ELZ_1 play" UPDATE #2 Super OSC

"ELZ_1 play" UPDATE #2 Super OSC

About Super OSC

I have shoot a demo of "Super OSC," which will be additionally installed by taking advantage of the period of time created by the delay in FCC/CE certification testing that I reported recently.
Not only Super SAW, but also Super SIN, Super SQR, Super TRI, and other sounds can be created.
The video also introduces sound making and simple jammin', so please take a look.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yu Endo


Super OSCにつきまして

先日報告させて頂きましたFCC/CE認証試験の遅延により生じる期間を活用して追加搭載する『Super OSC』のデモを撮影しました。
Super SAWだけではなく、Super SIN, Super SQR, Super TRIなどのサウンドを作ることが出来ます。


遠藤 祐


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