[OCT-13] "ELZ_1 play" UPDATE #6 PCB / SiGRINDER

[OCT-13] "ELZ_1 play" UPDATE #6 PCB / SiGRINDER

Topics of the Week

<About hardware>

・The "FCC/CE countermeasure board" shipped from Japan last week has safely arrived at Malaysian factory, and they have started mounting the parts.

・It is taking longer than expected to adjust the surface mount component mounter for some parts.
→It is expected that all parts mounting will be completed next Monday.

・For this reason, we had planned to ship the item to Japan by airmail this week, but it is expected that the item will not be shipped until next Tuesday. 

This is a photo sent to us from our Malaysian factory today. We confirmed that the SMT-shaped IC is mounted.


< About software >

 ・We installed the ZTRINGS and STK DRUMMER UI on an actual device to check the color tone and operation.



Schedule for next week

October 16th: Parts mounting completed

October 17th: Board shipped from Malaysia to Japan.

As soon as the board with components installed arrives in Japan, we will check its operation.
If there are no problems, we will reserve an FCC/CE certified site in Japan.


The following dates are scheduled

Week of October 23rd
Take the FCC/CE certification exam

Mass production schedule and shipping schedule if FCC/CE certification test is passed

Week of October 23: 1st batch ordered, 1st batch of substrates manufactured
Week of November 13: Assembly of 1st batch begins and testing begins.
Assembly and inspection of the first batch will be completed and shipping will start in order.

We will proceed with development as fast as possible, but the schedule may change depending on the development status.
We will share the development status (events of the week and plans for the following week) on this blog every week from now on, so please subscribe to our newsletter on this site.


Today's Video

Today I experimented with "SiGRINDER," SONICWARE's unique synth engine that can generate sounds by decomposing and reconstructing audio data recorded on an ELZ_1 play.

The source audio was a recording of my voice speaking "A, I, U, E, O" and I used it.

SiGRINDER generates sounds by adjusting parameters such as the resolution of the generated waveform (RESO), the degree of waveform extraction (DIG), the direction of extraction (POSITION), and the length of the generated waveform (TIME).

In the video, I show how to generate sounds from voice recordings and a small performance example.

In today's experiment, the DIG parameter is modulated by LFO.

I hope you will enjoy the sounds that you can recognize the original voice and the new sounds that are not at all.

Please take a look.

Yu Endo 












・ZTRINGSとSTK DRUMMERのUIを実機に搭載して動作確認をしました。



10月16日 部品のマウント完了

10月17日 日本に基板を発送。



今後のスケジュール(10月13日 更新)

10月23日の週 FCC/CE認証試験を実施


FCC/CE認証試験に合格した場合の量産日程および発送予定(10月13日 更新)

10月23日の週 1stロット発注、1stロットの基板製造開始
11月13日の週 1stロットの組み立て開始、検査実施開始













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