[FEB-2] "ELZ_1 play" UPDATE #17 Regarding shipment status

[FEB-2] "ELZ_1 play" UPDATE #17 Regarding shipment status

Regarding the status of shipments

Thank you very much for your support.

We have started shipping ELZ_1 play since last month, but only 10% of the total shipments have been made as of now.

As reported in this previous Update Blog, the main reason is that we have not been able to increase the production speed due to the many inspection processes. In the course of production, we have found that the probability of "LCD protective acrylic windows" being rejected by the quality control department is high.

Therefore, in order to improve the overall production efficiency, we have temporarily stopped the production of ELZ_1 play and are taking measures to improve the NG rate of this part with the cooperation of the parts supplier.

I am sorry for all those who are looking forward to ELZ_1 play.

We are currently considering two schedule plans as follows

<Current Plan>
Today the LCD window manufacturer shipped the adjusted parts they selected to our headquarters in Japan. Next week, we will check the parts in Japan.
If the results are good, we will resume production next week.

<Backup Plan>

If the results are not favorable and another adjustment is necessary, the reconditioned parts will arrive at the Malaysian factory at the end of February.
In this case, the Malaysian factory will resume production at the end of February. They will ship the ELZ_1 play to our head office in Japan in sequence, so if all goes well, we expect to be able to resume shipments in March.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience and concern this may cause you.
Thank you for your continued support.


We will proceed with production as quickly as possible, but there may be changes to the schedule depending on the situation.

Thank you,

Yu Endo




先月よりELZ_1 playの発送を開始いたしましたが、現時点でまだ全体の10%程度しか出荷出来ていない状況です。

以前のUpdate Blogでもご報告している通り、検査工程が多いために生産速度を上げることが出来ていないことが主な原因ですが、ある特定のパーツ(LCD用アクリル窓)が品質管理部門の検査でNGになる確率が高いことが分かりました。


ELZ_1 playを心待ちにしてくださっている中、大変申し訳ございません。










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